• FFVII New Threat Mod!

    FFVII New Threat Mod!

    death_unites_us will be streaming the very popular FFVII New Threat Mod every Friday at 9:00am EST, come join the fun!
  • 4-8Live Has Launched!

    4-8Live Has Launched!

    Our new live show, 4-8Live, has launched! Stop by and talk with death_unites_us as he does crazy things in FFVII, breaks world records, and more! Click Here and click follow to get alerted when we go live!
  • New Goal: The Making of a FFVII Tutorial Video

    New Goal: The Making of a FFVII Tutorial Video

    We have a new goal on our Patreon page! This time it's an in-depth behind the scenes look at how death_unites_us makes his FFVII tutorial videos. Help us reach this goal and get some awesome rewards by visiting our Patreon page here.

Featured Video of the Month!

This month’s featured video is death’s World Record Dishonored Any% Speedrun, completed on March 22nd.

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