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Be a gamer. Be unique. 4get the h8rs.
4-8Productions has been bringing smiles to gamers and raising money for charities around the world since 2008. What started as a tiny YouTube channel for an avid gamer became a nation of gamers raising money for charity, helping one another, and having fun together.
Mike King (screen name death_unites_us) started 4-8Productions with a few tutorial videos in hopes that he could help gamers accomplish things that they otherwise couldn’t. When the channel started to pick up steam he enlisted the help of Mike Spitaletta (screen name MADMikeTheKing), and the dynamic due became an incredible team. 4-8Productions has since raised money for multiple charities and helped thousands of gamers through YouTube videos, live shows, podcasts, and gaming nights with fans.
As 4-8Productions continues to grow the Mikes have many plans for the future. They have already reached many lives and they hope to continue making an impact. 4-8Productions started as a hobby with a great cause, but has grown into a loving community. At the end of the day Mike and Mike hope they can continue to push the boundaries and bring happiness and entertainment to the world.
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