About MADMike

Hello, I’m Mike! I think I’m funny, but I’m actually not. 😀

My love is gaming, my love is family and friends and my love is making videos for others to enjoy. I will always do what I can to make others laugh!

I’m not extremely sociable, but YouTube allows me to get over it and allows me to show off how dumb I am. Yay!

I typically do Let’s Plays, but I feel like I can do anything entertainment wise. COD Thursdays and GTA Thursdays are some my best videos, both in editing and in showing off the range of my stupidity.

I currently do this as a hobby and I plan on supporting it as much as I can. If I ever get the opportunity to do this as a full-time job, it would be amazing!
Now, to get away from the serious side of me, allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m awesome. That should be enough to satisfy your taste buds, but I will now feed you more head exploding information.

  • Place of residence: New Jersey. It’s okay, I guess.
  • Cultural Background: Italian, Cuban, and Puerto Rican.
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Sport: American Football
  • Favorite Sports Teams:
    • New York Football Giants (NFL)
    • Brooklyn Nets (NBA)(Sadly)
    • New York Yankees (MLB)(Don’t enjoy baseball much, though.)
    • Juventus F.C. (Soccer/Football)
    • New Jersey Devils (NHL)
  • Favorite Music Genre: Rock
  • Favorite Favorite: This one.
  • First Console: NES
  • First Game: Super Mario Bros.
  • Favorite Game by Generation:
    • 1st Gen – Pong (lolol)
    • 2nd Gen – Space Invaders (E.T. is a close second…)
    • 3rd Gen – The Legend of Zelda
    • 4th Gen – Super Mario World
    • 5th Gen – Super Mario 64
    • 6th Gen – WWE Smackdown vs. RAW: Here Comes the Pain
    • 7th Gen – Red Dead Redemption (Fallout 3 right behind it)
    • Current Gen so far (excluding remasters and Minecraft) – inFamous Second Son or Dying Light

Ask me about other stuff, I’ll be happy to answer!

I’m always available on PSN as MADMikeTheKing and on Skype as the same. Those are the two best ways to contact me, so feel free to hit me up! Thanks!