About death_unites_us

IMG_6645My name is Mike King and I’m a 22 year old living with my wife Jenn in Ohio. I founded 4-8Productions in 2008 because I wanted to find a way to use my hobbies to help people in need. I started 4-8Productions with the simple task of creating tutorial videos but over the years have expanded to doing charity events, talking to fans one on one about real life problems and using games in every day life to give people joy and entertainment.

In addition to running 4-8Productions I run a separate website design company called 4-8Sites as my day job. Soon I’d like to run a speedrunning livestream as a second day job, and in my spare time I like to practice video game challenges, play the latest games, play retro games, and hang out with my wife and friends. I have a secret passion for writing, and although I never give myself time to write I dream of one day being an author.

Growing up I was always a shy kid until my freshman year of high school when I turned into the extroverted entertainer that most people know me as today. I’m straight edge, and I consider myself a child in a grownup’s body. Yeah, I own my own business and I got married at 21, but on the inside I’m a silly child who tries to not take himself too seriously. I like being unique, and I like meeting unique people too.

Here’s some other facts about me:

  • I own a video game console collection, mostly because I love to play retro games.
  • My favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII. I grew up with the game, I’m always learning new things about it, and it has my favorite story of any game I’ve ever played (just the original story though, the spinoffs/sequels are entirely different)
  • My favorite video game character is Yuna from Final Fantasy X. If you ask I’ll explain why, it’s too much to type out here.
  • My first video game world record was a time trial in Rock of Ages, a small indie game on PS3.
  • I’m a bowler born into a family of bowlers. It’s probably the only physical sport I take seriously, although I like to golf as well from time to time. My average in the last league I played was 210.
  • Oreos are my favorite snack. I also have an unhealthy addition to white chocolate.
  • My motto in life is a Dr. Suess quote: Be who you are… Say what you feel… Those who mind don’t matter… And those who matter, don’t mind.

When I was growing up there was a person online who may have saved my life. When I was questioning my own will to live this person saved me simply by being available online and listening to what I had to say. Because of this I’ve always tried to stay as open as I can to my fans. Below you’ll find multiple ways to contact me, and although I can’t promise I’ll be able to answer everything I can promise I’ll try my best to respond if you really need to communicate with me.

Personal Email: 48Productions@zoho.com
Business Inquiries: 48Productions@zoho.com
4-8Sites Inquiries: Mike@4-8Sites.com