death_unites_us' Speedruns and Challenges

This page is a knowledge base off all the records set and challenges complete by death_unites_us. If any of these records are outdated let us know via the contact page on this site and we’ll fix it asap.

— Speedruns —

Rayman Legends


3-4 PS4 WR 26″06


3-5 PS4 WR 28″63


2-3 PS4 WR 30″89


— Challenges —

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Final Fantasy X: NSGNSNO Challenge




– No Sphere Grid

– No Summons

– No Overdrives

There are 6 total exceptions to this challenge, but none of them will be shown in the videos. They only involve tutorials where you are forced to use overdrives and Aeons, plus the Aeon fight against Isaaru.


The final save time for this file was 81 hours, but it took me three years to finish. Not because it took any more than 80 hours, but because I kept picking it up and putting it down. This challenge followed me through college, getting married, and a lot of big milestones in my life, so I guess it holds a special place in my heart. When I finally completed it, it really did feel like I had finished a chapter of my life.

As for the actual challenge, it is definitely not for the feint of heart. I liked it a lot more than the NSG challenge, because the NSG challenge usually just relied on mix where this challenge had several strategies for different scenarios. For the most part the majority of the challenge is item abuse though, so it’s definitely not my favorite challenge ever. I will say that the fight with Yunalesca might be my favorite Final Fantasy battle I’ve ever played though. Jecht was cool too but mostly luck, Yunalesca had almost no luck and was all intense battle manipulation, not to mention it was almost an hour long. Overall I’m happy with this challenge, and I’m glad that I was able to formulate my own strategies with this challenge as well as use some already established ones.

Pikmin: 9-Day Challenge

Pikmin Thumbnail Day 2


In Pikmin you have 30 days to collect 30 parts to your ship. This challenge is to beat the game in the shortest amount of days possible (which at the time was 9, see thoughts below for more info). Each in-game day is approximately 13 minutes and there are 30 parts to collect. The first and last parts must be collected on the first and last days respectively, so that leaves 7 days to collect 28 parts.

There are no exceptions or underlying rules in this challenge, if the counter at the end of the game says you did it in 9 days, you have completed the challenge.


When the game was originally played by speedrunners it was found that 9 days was the fastest time possible to collect all 30 ship parts. Shortly before I did this challenge it was found that an 8-day run was actually possible, and shortly after it was found that a 7-day and even a 6-day was possible using a glitch. Even so, the 9-day challenge is still a great challenge for any Pikmin fan to attempt as it only gives you two days on each of the main levels to collect every part available.

As for my thoughts, I loved this challenge. It was extremely fun and I recommend you try it if you want an extreme Pikmin experience. You learn a lot about multitasking and yelling at pikmin that trip. A lot of my other challenges involve a lot of setting up but this challenge was all about thinking on my feet. Pikmin would do random things and enemies would do random things and if you don’t adjust accordingly you’ll fall flat. I regret not doing a deathless run since I know I could have definitely done it, but maybe one day I’ll go back and do a 6-day deathless! I also regret not uploading a video of the first day, it’s only a tutorial but it confuses everybody because the first video is day 2.

Final Fantasy X: NSG Challenge



NSG – No Sphere Grid

The sphere grid is how a character levels up in FFX, so basically no sphere grid is equivalent to staying level 1 all game. This means no learning skills, spells, or raising stats of any kind.


NSG is a scary thing since you can’t learn spells or skills and your characters are extremely weak later in the game. However, Rikku completely shatters this challenge with Mix. Unfortunately most of the bosses fall extremely quickly to trio of 9999, and even when I tried fighting some bosses without it Mix finds a way to demolish anything and everything. This challenge is the reason I later decided to do a NSGNSNO challenge, but it was still fun to see level 1 Rikku break the game.

Final Fantasy VII – IW Challenge

buster sword


IW – Initial Weapon

In this challenge the player must play through Final Fantasy VII without ever changing weapons on any character. This means that characters will have very weak weapons throughout the games as well as a small amount of materia sockets.


This was my first challenge and turned out to be more of a test challenge just to see if I was up to snuff to start doing video game challenges in general. This challenge ended up being a lot easier than I thought, since I grew up playing this game and know almost everything there is to know about it (almost, we all keep learning new things about the game as time goes on). I would recommend this challenge for anybody who has played through Final Fantasy VII and found it a tad too easy but want to play through it again. I mean if nothing else you get to play with the buster sword all game, and who wouldn’t love that?