The Best of 4-8Productions

If you are new to 4-8Productions and want to know what we are all about then you are in the right place! We have always been about preserving memories, so we don’t delete our old and sometimes embarrassing videos, but instead lift them on a pedestal for all to see and reminisce with. Every year we create a collection of the best moments in our videos and compile them into an experience that any fan or newbie can enjoy, so sit back and have a look at what made 4-8Productions the community it is today.

What to say about 2014… There are so many incredible memories from this year. The Mike’s met in person for the first time, death_unites_us got married, roadtrips and series premieres galore, and that’s just the icing on the cake. After 2014 ended it was truly evident that 4-8Productions will have a never-ending impact on the lives of the Mikes as well as every fan who followed them through the year. If they could get through this year then it’s pretty evident that 4-8Productions can survive anything. Not to mention through all of the craziness they continued uploading videos almost every single day throughout the entire year. MADMike juggled many different video series including GTA Thursdays, The Batman Arkham Series, Madden, and Let’s Talk Wrasslin’ to name a few. death branched out into many different fields, starting his speedrunning career as well as keeping up with his now very popular Final Fantasy VII Tutorial series and running Let’s Plays and video game challenges in the background.

2013 was the year of the fan. And not the type that keeps you cool, but the type that keeps you smoking hot. I don’t even know where I’m going with this. 2013 was truly a remarkable year, full of afternoons laughing and enjoying games with the fans. CoD Thursdays, a series where MADMike and death_unites_us played Call of Duty games with the fans, reached it’s finale and GTA Thursdays, a similar series where MADMike and death played GTA V with the fans, began soon after. death began what would later become his extremely popular Final Fantasy VII Tutorial series, and MADMike hit his stride with his new Let’s Play Madden series. Possibly the most memorable moment of the year was the 3/2/13 Charity Marathon, where several members of the 4-8Crew played games for 24 hours straight to benefit a local charity.

4-8Productions in its beginnings was a place for a bunch of gamers to get together and play games, but had recently become more of a video hub. So in 2012 the Mikes made a decision to try to return to the way 4-8Productions started: a fan-based service. Out of that idea came CoD Thursdays, which began to take on a life of its own after its first episode in September. It quickly became the best part of the week for the fans and spawned too many catch phrases and inside jokes to count. Through all of the craziness the Mikes met some amazingly funny and supportive fans who continue to support 4-8Productions today. 2012 also marks MADMike’s true evolution into the cofounder of 4-8Productions, taking on a new role and beginning to create weekly content. As for death_unites_us, this was the year he set his first world record, which planted the seed that would later become his speedrunning career.

2011 was a year of expansion. Up to this point 4-8Productions was a bunch of videos and a small community of gamers who came together sometimes to make videos. That all changed in 2011 when death_unites_us decided to bring 4-8Productions to new platforms in an attempt to make it more than just a YouTube channel. He developed a website called, which eventually became what you are looking at today, and a live show on called 4-8Live. He began to give some of his closest partners more limelight on the channel, including his future wife Jenn and his future business partner MADMike. These decisions led to some of the most memorable moments in 4-8’s history during some of the broadcasts of 4-8Live. In addition to expanding mediums death produced many experimental video projects during this year.

2010 was death_unites_us’ senior year of high school, so I think we all know what that means: complete and utter ridiculousness. This was definitely the silliest year in 4-8Productions history, and is a great year to look back on if you’d like to see the true roots of our community. It was a year of expression and living by our motto to “4get the h8rs.” It was a year of not worrying about what other people think of you and simply being all that you can be. It was a simpler time where bringing smiles to peoples’ faces was all that mattered. 

In 2009 death_unites_us had to make a very difficult decision. Up to this point 4-8Productions had built up a huge fanbase of hardcore Call of Duty fans, but death had ambitions to expand 4-8Productions into many different game genres and entertainment mediums. He knew he would lose a huge portion of his fanbase but he decided to expand into new games anyways, knowing that he could help many more people that way. Although at the time it was frustrating it ended up paying off in the years to come. Even though this was the year that death moved into other avenues of entertainment, this was also the year that death released his three most influential Call of Duty montages, “UNNATURAL” “Fading Away” and “L.E.D.”

In 2008 death_unites_us opened a YouTube account. His goal was to simply help people play video games, and his first couple videos were of an early flash game called Line Rider. At an ordinary visit to Best Buy death noticed a cheap copy of Call of Duty 4 on the rack. He picked it up, realized he usually never plays first person shooters, and put it back down. As he was leaving he felt a strange urge to buy the game anyways, so he picked it up again and bought it. He later had his first online multiplayer experience where he learned some cool glitches that would later spawn an idea for a video called “5 Secret Rooms.” That video would later become extremely popular and when death realized he could use this platform as a way of helping people both with video games and in life in general 4-8Productions was born.